Ferdinand I. visits the Postojna Cave


On August 17, 1819, the Austrian heir and later the Emperor (1835-1848) Ferdinand I. Habsburg-Lotarinsky visited the Postojna Cave. With his signature in the visitors’ book, he became the first official visitor to the Postojna Cave, which has since become an official tourist destination.

The inner parts of the cave were discovered in 1818 in preparation for the visit of the Austrian Emperor and Ferdinand’s predecessor Franz I. Luka Čeč then climbed the high rock above the underground river Pivka and noticed the entrance into the inner parts of the cave. Newly discovered cave trenches and halls were arranged for a tourist visit, and a year later they were visited by Ferdinand I of Austria.

First the cave was illuminated with torches, and in 1884 electric lighting was installed in the tourist part. Due to the huge size of the cave in 1872, railway tracks were laid. Two-seat wagons were pushed by cavalry workers, at the beginning of the First World War in 1914 they introduced a motor locomotive. In 1959 an electric locomotive was built and five years later a two-track circular track was added to allow for a significantly larger visit.


Zgodovina na dlani

Image of Ferdinand I. of Austria

Image of cave Postojna by Franz Kurz zum Thurn und Goldenstein in 1864

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