Prehistoric iron pits in Slovenia

In 2014, my brother and I went on an expedition to the Dobrava forest in the settlement of Sela pri Dobovi in Slovenia. We searched for the so-called iron pits, which were excavated in prehistoric times in search of an iron ore. There is also the Stream Negot, on the bank of which there is a high quality clay, which was used for making ceramic vessels.


Images made by Vigilant Knight

4 thoughts on “Prehistoric iron pits in Slovenia

  1. Plase read my posts from a very interesting site. The Institute for Institute creation Research. It will blow your mind.

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  2. Man. That forest is incredible. I’d love to walk barefoot through there.

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    1. This is nothing of what is yet to come in my posts!

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      1. My interest is piqued! Cool.

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