In search of Pendirjevka streams

In 2016, I went deep into the forest of the Pendirjevka stream. My goal was to find the springs of this stream that are located deep in rocks almost one kilometer high. The journey was long and exhausting but worth the effort. I discovered the location of the source Minutnik and one of the nine rock spring sources of the Pendirjevka stream. The site belongs to the protected area of the old forest (undisturbed for hundreds of years), which is surrounded by a handful of legends.


According to the testimony of the indigenous people, a huge eagle was once sheltered on a rocky overhang, he could easily seize and took away an adult man. The location itself is described in the story so detailed that I found the location with ease, but I could not do the climb because I would require climbing equipment.

One of the water sources is called Minutnik. He got his name after his tributary of water, which constantly dampens and returns at minute intervals. According to the legend, inside the hill there is a large lake in which there is a huge fish, which occasionally closes the flow of water with its muzzle.


Images made by Vigilant Knight


Settlement Cerov Log in municipality Šentjernej, Slovenia

4 thoughts on “In search of Pendirjevka streams

  1. portapatetcormagis 19 Sep 2018 — 7:45 pm

    What a beautiful place! And I like the legends, too.

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    1. Another legend is related to this location, but I will publish it separately because it deserves its own chapter.


      1. portapatetcormagis 19 Sep 2018 — 8:34 pm

        I’ll keep my eyes peeled for it 😊

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