The legendary battle of two kings

The legendary battle of two kings

In the ancient times, it was one thousand five hundred years ago. Amongst others who came to Šentjernej valley (Slovenia) were Lombards from the Padua Plain. Their king Pennodunarius gathered a large number of soldiers from tribes who lived in this territory. Untitled-1Among them were mostly Celtic tribes. They went on to the battle quest to city Srem (Croatia), where they waged war with the Gepid King Kunimund. Lombards were victorious and Pennodunarius took the king’s head and his beautiful daughter Rosamund for the price. He brought the king’s head to his home in a bag and displayed it in Zidani Gaber near Mihovo, where the Pennodunarius had his fortress. The old Lombardian king was a great brute, otherwise he would not make a cup from the skull of the beleaguered king and would drink wine from it. With this gesture he wounded deeply the heart of his wife Rosamund who he forced to marry. After years of being humiliating by her husband she ploted with other courtiers to murder the king. She succeeded and the king Pennodunarius was executed in Italy in 572. According to another legend she poisoned him. What was the fate of beautiful Rosamund nobody knows.  The valley where the fortress was is still called Pendir after the lombard king Pennodunarius.

Source for the image: Juzni sloveni i okolni narodi


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