The tower house Reutenberg

The tower house of Upper Čretež (German Turn Reutenberg), also the Čretež tower is a Romanesque tower, which stands in settlement Dolenje Laknice in the municipality of Mokronog – Trebelno.

The tower house Čretež is mentioned for the first time in 1426. It is build In typical Romanesque construction so it was probably already built in the middle of the 12th century. It was originally the residence of the Reutenberg knights, who were the ministers of the Herren von Weichselberg. The tower is a four-story building with walls up to two and a half meters thick. On each floor are two fire lines and a defensive trench, which ends in a natural slope. The entrance to the castle was on the first floor, where today is a hole on the north side. The north side was blasted by the seekers of valuables.

The tower house is literary in the middle of a thick forest. Path to it leads straight by the old ruined castle with the same name just one hundred meters away and another ruined mansion.


Images made by Vigilant Knight in 2013

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