Vigilant Knight⚔


Vigilant Knight is an amateur historian who for ten years has been intensively amateurishly engaged in the research of mostly Slovene medieval history. His research focuses exclusively on the field of Slovenia and the history of the Slovene nation, as he says that because of our rich history he already has too much work for one life time. Over the territory of Slovenia he has visited more than 300 former and still existing castle buildings. He helps with work of Slovene historians and with the connection of his friends in Slovenia and abroad. He is very interested in heraldry and coat of arms. He also actively participates in medieval tournaments and battles as a knight. He shows his drawing skills through experiments of reconstructions, with which he wants to approach the rich history and castles in the modern Slovenian nation; in particular, it focuses on the castle structures that are now in ruins. He was also a member of the caving and heraldic society.


cropped-cropped-v6.jpgI used a black late gothic shield with a depiction of a golden beech tree. Black means constance and grief, gold means generosity and elevation of the mind and beech tree tolerance, knowledge of history.





4 thoughts on “Vigilant Knight⚔

  1. You know, just a couple hours ago I was talking to a friend about making a cost of arms and I thought, how does one determine what it is for one’s family? I mean, I assume you don’t just use colors and symbols you arbitrarily like… so you explaining each element in yours was quite informative. Thanks! 🙂


    1. *coat of arms – ggrr autocorrect!!


  2. I was a member of the heraldic society and acquired a lot of knowledge about heraldry. If you have any questions about this topic just ask. 🙂


  3. I like the definition of the shield

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