Ancient Slovene deity Kresnik⛈


Kresnik was one of the most important Carinthia-Carniolian Slavic deities. He is usually depicted as a golden haired man with golden hands, a son of a heavenly deity, born with horse ears, and as a young divine king who lives in Jutro (morning) in the Ninth Land and rules on the World Mountain where he has his palace and where the golden apple tree stands along the well. He is connected to the Sun and fire, armed with an arrow, a hammer, an axe, a knife, or a sword and runs through the sky in its golden carriage. He is the Slovenian version of Hercules, since he also has to make twelve good works. In his quests he is sometimes helped by his quadruple eyed dog or sometimes by his brother Trot. His opponents always try to steal something of his possession a herd or his wife or sister. Kresnik fights with his opponents and when he overcomes them, it starts to rain or golden wheat falls from the sky. Among his opponents are for example, three headed Pegam, the giant Vouvel and Snake queen, as well as Vedomec, the competitive Aton god, who is fighting for the dominance of the World Mountain. The cycle of Kresnik also includes the holy wedding with the saved princess. But Kresnik also cheats on his wife, with daughter of Snake Queen. Due to infidelity, his wife called him with his real name, which killed him. The name Kresnik is an appellative, the real name of God is unknown.


Image made by Irena Urankar center VELES


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