Medieval tournament in Susedgrad, Croatia🏰⚔

Medieval tournament in Susedgrad, Croatia
On the 29 and 30 September 2018 in the settlement of Susedgrad a traditional knight tournament was held (Viteški turnir Franje Tahyja 1572), which is organized by the Red Čuvara grada Zagreba. The tournament is organized on the basis of real events that took place in the 16th century when two noble families Henning and Tahy clashed on the field under the castle Susedgrad.

The castle was first mentioned in written records in 1316. It was supposed to be built by the Hungarian King Charles I of Hungary. At the location of the castle of Susedgrad was originally a small fortress, which was enlarged and further fortified in the time of the Turkish threat in 1530. The castle and the surrounding area became famous for the battle between the peasant rebels and the castle owner Ferenc Tahy de Tahvár et Tarkő. The conflict occurred due to a dispute over the ownership of the castle because half of it belonged to the Tahy family and the other to Henning family and the mistreatment of peasants by the Tahy. In 1567, as a result of the cruel treatment of its subjects 508 people demanded that Tahy be removed from his property, but nothing happened in spite of the six and a half meter long record of the Governing Board. Thus, in 1567 we had the first peasant uprising, and then in 1571 and 1573 there were two more rebellions. After the total victory over the peasants in 1773, Tahy continued to exploite them until his death due to illness. In the 17th century. the castle burnt down, was abandoned and left to collapse. Today impressive ruins are still visible.


castle ruins

attempted reconstructions of the castle Susedgrad

Images made by Vigilant Knight


Susedgrad Croatia


source: Wikipedia Susedgrad

source: Red Čuvara grada Zagreba

source: Wikipedia Tahy


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