3D reconstruction of castle Žumberk

Sichelburg (DE), Sichelberg (DE), Žumberk (SI), Žumberak (HR)
Sichel is a thing that has has the shape of a single curve, especially one that is broad in the center and tapers to a point at each end.
Burg is a castle

The land property with castle Žumberk belonged to the Kostanjevica monastery (Fons sanctae Mariae), and in its time was most exposed fortress in Lower Carniola. Castle controlled a very important traffic route through the Gorjanci mountains. In 1322 the castle was already named after the nearby Žumberk lordship, which already indicates that the Kostanjevica monastery gradually lost control of this property. In 1462 a nobleman Nikolai Sichelberger from castle Žumberg went to help Carnolian army to free Austrian Emperor which was being besieged. In the first half of the 16th century, Uskoks began to inhabit the estate, and thus became part of the military region bound to the city of Karlovac. The castle thus became the main defensive point to protect against the invasion of the Turks into Slovenia. When the castle came under the Uskok control, nobody wanted to command them because even  the Turks themselves were afraid of them. The Uskoki carried out attacks on their own free will. In the 17th century, two Uskokes with a sword chopped of the head of their commander Viva and rolled his body into a Turkish carpet and throw him through the window between women who beat the body with the sticks. The castle of Žumberk itself was abandoned in the 17th century and began to visibly perish. Today, the castle is completely ruined.
On June 8, 1871, the Žumberak region was split from the control of Lower Carniola region and became part of Croatia.

The first known owners were the knights speinheim in 1249, namely Engelberus de Landestrost with his brothers Otto and Offo. 1322 Nicolai Sichelberg. Archduke Frederick V had to appoint a forced caretaker in 1478. 1501 owner Max ? leaves castle to Christoph Oberburg. In 1505 castle is owned by noble Semenitch. Ivan Kobašič is its manager in 1526.


Step by step 3D images made by Vigilant Knight

Grajske stavbe v osrednji Sloveniji – II. Dolenjska. 2. knjiga: Med Bogenšperkom in Mokricami Ivan Stopar.

Source: Dom in svet 1911

45.74764, 15.44235


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