Castle Hmeljnik


Hmeljnik, Hmelnik, Hopfenbach, Hophenbach, Hopffepach

Litography of castle Hmeljnik made in 1679 by Johann Weikhard von Valvasor.

Country: Slovenia
Region: Lower Carniola
Municipality: Novo mesto
Settlement: Gorenje Kamenje
Object: Hmeljnik castle
First mention: in the year 1217
Preservation: Ruin

*Castle got its name after plant hops which once grew in abundance.
* The castle was build by the Hopfenbach knights in the 12th century, who were the vassals of the Weichselberg Counts.
* In old written records there is also a mention of inferior Hopfenbach so there is possibility of another smaller Hmeljnik castle. In my reaserch with the help of Light Detection And Ranging and the help of local legends I may have found the smaller castle Hmeljnik on a hill just 3km away from the main castle. The hill is called Hmeljčič which means small hopfen. There you can see a strange man made anomaly with ditches.
* The castle once had the richest court arcade corridor with a balustrade fence in Slovenia.
* Up until the second World War, black and white Lipizzaner horses were breed in the castle.
* On May 9, 1942 the castle was burnt down and the local people vandalised the interior.
* In 1958 ruins were mined and finally destroyed.

IMAGES before and during World War II

IMAGES made in 2014

Images made by Vigilant Knight 

* Castle Hmeljnik is supposed to be connected by an underground tunnel to another castle called Luknja. Distance between the castles in a straight line is 6.75km. On location of castle Luknja there are a lot of carst cave systems and river Temenica comes to the surface after 1.5km underground journey.

Source: Grad Hmeljnik wikipedija
Source: Gradovi v Sloveniji

Stopar, Ivan, Dr.: “Grajske stavbe v osrednji Sloveniji (I. Dolenjska) – Porečje Krke”, Založba Viharnik, Ljubljana, 2000, ISBN 961-6057-26-X
Kos, Dušan, Dr.: “Vitez in Grad”, Založba ZRC, ZRC SAZU, 2005, ISBN 961-6500-82-1

Latitude: 45 ° 51’46.18 “S
Longitude: 15 ° 9’10.26 “V

3 thoughts on “Castle Hmeljnik

  1. It would be interesting to know if the two really are connected via tunnels.

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    1. In Slovenia, castle tunnels were found in the length of a couple hundred meters, and in some castles there were also several tunnels running in different directions, but nothing as big as the legend suggests. In my opinion, it is probable that just a part of the way went underground and the rest on some secret path on the surface.

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      1. That was my thinking

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