Reconstruction of the Ribnica castle from 1537

My work is based on a sketch and ground plan of historian Igor Sapač, sketches and topographies of Johann Weichard Valvasor (1679), oil paintings by Hans Georg Geiger von Geigerfeld (1641), oil paintings by Matevž Langus 1833, Franciscan cadastre for Carniola, 1823-1869, 3D lidar, pre-war postcards and my field photographs.

The coat of arms of the city of Ribnica is based on the image from the Great Heraldry Book (Opus insignium armorumque, 1687-1688), by the author Johann Weichard Valvasor.

Region: Lower Carniola.
Municipality: Ribnica.
City: Ribnica.
Building: Castle Ribnica (Reifniz).
Origin: The first mention of the castle is from the year 1263 as castrum Reiuenz.
Preservation: Partly renovated external walls.

* Ribnica is one of the oldest markets in Slovenia. The settlement already existed in Roman times.
* The settlement Ribnica is first mentioned in written records in 1040.
* According to Valvasor, the castle was already built in 1082, the owners of which were Reifnitz knights, although it is most probably that they were in the reality the Sounegg lords.
* In 1350, Ribnica was first mentioned as a market.
* The Turks were pillaging around city Ribnica 27 times but the castle was never taken.
* Ribnica held frequent wizard processes. The last “witch” in Carniola (Marina Šušarkova) was burnt on May 11, 1701, under the famous oak tree.
* The castle was burnt in 1784, but it was soon restored.
* In 1944 on the New Year castle was burned and completly destroyed. Today, only part of the outer wall with towers remains.

* The first known owners of the castle were noble Auersperg in 1220, then in 1245 Counts from Ortenburg, in 1418 Counts from Cilli, 1456 the Habsburgs, 1457 the Lamberg, 1470 noble Hohenwarter until 1473 when he was murdered by the Turks, and then the estate was taken over by Ziga Pyrsch, who married Neža, daughter of Andrew Lamberg. Gašper Rauber, and was through the 16th century followed by Moric Purgstaller, noble Karel Boltezar Lamberg in 1515, Bernard Ričan in 1521, knight Joseph Lambert 1543, Franc noble Gall 1576 -1601 and for some years noble Moscon. In 1619, Ferdinand II sold his property to the noble Kizeln. From 1641 on, the baron from Trilek were rulers, and in 1701 castle was bought by Counts from Kobencl, whom in 1784 castle burnt. Filip Kobencl sold estate in 1810 to Rudež, who owned it until the Second War.


Images made by Vigilant Knight

Ars sloveniae Gothic architecture, Ivan Komelj
Castle buildings in central Slovenia, Ivan Stopar
Impressions from the history of the Ribnica castle, the Miklova house museum
Opus insignium armorumque, 1687-1688, Johann Weichard Valvasor
Die Ehre dess Hertzogthums Crain, 1689, Johann Weichard Valvasor

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Latitude: 45 ° 44’17.42 “S
Geographical Longitude: 14 ° 43’34.64 “V

Author: Vigilant Knight

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