Mansion Draškovec


The Draškovec mansion stood in the settlement of Mihovica in the municipality of Šentjernej.


Draškovec, Derškauc (SLO) Draskowitz (GER)


The first mention dates back to the year 1254. It is highly probable that Draškovec was originally the border tower house of the Weichselberg and Spanheim nobles in the battles for the Carniolian – Hungarian border (1125 – 1131) and later rebuilt into a mansion. In the 13th century. it was managed by Knights Chauser and hence the supposed source of the name for the mansion. German der – plural + Chauser denominational Derškauc.  The mansion also had a circular chapel of St. Ignation, which was demolished during the Second War. In 1966, despite the opposition of the monument service, the mansion was demolished and apartment building was built in its place.


Weichselberg and Spanheim nobles, noble Auersperg (16th century), Count of Janez Herbert Lamberg (1650), Baron Wolf Karl Jurič (1670), Baron Janez Ignac Wernegkh (1789), After 1789, Baron Karel Sigmund Gall, Anton Ferdinand Trenz (1792), Felix Stare of Kolovec (1894), noble Trenz until the end of the second war.


Litography of mansion Draškovec made in 1679 by Johann Weikhard von Valvasor.

Mansion Draškovec


45°51’48,64″ N 15°19’16,89″ E


Ivan Stopar, Zbirka Grajske stavbe, založba Viharnik, Ljubljana.

Johann Weikhard von Valvasor, The Glory of the Duchy of Carniola 1689.


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