Mansion Otok




The Otok mansion stood in the settlement of Hrvaški brod in the municipality of Šentjernej.


Otok, Herueaski brud (SLO), Guetenwerth, Gutenwerde (GER)


In 1473 Turks destroyed island market called Otok. Inhabitants escaped to the other side of the river Krka to the safety of tower house build in 13th century. In the years 1492 and 1526 the Turks returned and destroyed tower house and a new market. After attacks the inhabitants never fully recovered and rebuild fortyfied buildings. Later a mansion Otok was build from the ruins of a tower house. In the 1894 earthquake damaged mansion so the owner baron Lenkh demolished the building. Today there aro no visible traces left.


Baron Wernegg, noble Gašper Jankovič (1632), Valerij Moscon, noble Sidonija Hohenwart (1638), baron Rudolf Moscon (1650), noble Janez Herbert Zetschker (1664), at the end of 17th century countess Marija Paradaiser, Janez Franc Wolf, noble Marija Elizabeta Diennersberg (1720), noble Jurij Ferdinand Rudolph, baron Kheysell, Hallerstein, Auersperg, baron Jakob Ferdinand Lenkh (1860).


Years ago, when this small mansion Otok belonged to the nobleman Hohenwarth, something miraculous and remarkable happened here. When sir Hohenwarth on his deathbed felt the end is near, he quickly called to himself his own spouse, namely mentioned as Madam Marija Elizabeth, and ordered her, that she must immediately go to pilgrims in Claniz in Croatia to Saint Anton Padovansky, because he promised to do this pilgrimage himself, but was unable. Then he died. Several days after his death, she twice saw his ghost at night standing next to her bed, but did not say a word at all. After the incident the widow turned for the advice to the priests and they  advised her to ask the spirit what it wants. And when the ghost apered for the third time she with great fear asked him what he wants and got her answer that he does not demand nothing else of her, but to make pilgrimages in Clanitz, promised by her on his death bed. This good lady was so frightfully scared that all her hair with roots fall out, so in the morning she could not find a single hair on her head. This good lady immediately went to make this pilgrimage, and when she did so, he did not scare or troubled her after that. And this is a very special case of extremely great and severe fear or horror!

Written by Johann Weikhard von Valvasor at the end of 17th century.


Litography of mansion Otok made in 1679 by Johann Weikhard von Valvasor.Mansion Otok


45°52’24,9″ N 15°21’6,28″ E


Book: Johann Weikhard von Valvasor, The Glory of the Duchy of Carniola 1689.


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