Tower house Golo


Tower house Golo was located in the settlement of Dolenji Maharovec in the municipality of Šentjernej.


Golo (SLO)


Tower house was build in the 12th century by the the Dukes of Carinthia Spanheims and was governed by the knights of Sicherstein and later noble knights Preissekh. The tower house was devastated in the battle with Avares for the Carniolan border in 1305. Ruins were used to build mansion Golo in 15th century and mansion Dobravica in the 17th century.


Dukes of Carinthia Spanheims (12th century), nobleman Oto Sicherstein and Ofo Landstrost sold ruins of towerhouse to nobleman Henrik Preissekh in the year 1305. Ana von Gall was the owner of the estate in the 14th century.


Alleged location: 45°51’5,78″ N 15°18’37,8″ E


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