Tower house Ostraž


The Ostraž tower house stood in the settlement of Cerov Log in the municipality of Šentjernej.


Ostraž, Ostros, Uštras, Ostrož (SLO),  Wolfstrazz, Hochstras, Ostrouche(GER)


Tower house is for the first time mentioned in 1392 as Wolfstrazz meaning wolf guard. In 1421 tower house is mentioned as hof ze Wolffstrazz and in 1423 as Wolfstrass under Preisegk owned by Ulrik Porger. Owner nobleman Janez Jakob Mureti who was Chief of Staff in Bavaria rebuild tower house which was in a poor state. At the end of 17th century the tower house burned out but was restored. The building collapsed in the 20th century. Today there are no visible traces left.


Ulrik Porger (1423), Pogner, Ivan Mosheimer (1514), Severin Shweitzer (1565), nobleman Janez Jakob Mureti (1645), baron Janez Jurij Kheysell (1658), noblewoman Elizabeth Apfaltrer (1693), count Janez Ernest Paradeiser, baron Janez Lovrenc Wernegkh (1710), Nobleman Jelovšek Fichtenau (20th century).


…so it does not have good neighbors, because there are Uskoki, with bad habits, rogue of which we have already talked several times, these are better neighbors when they are as far away as possible. And that’s their glory owned well since ancient times. And so many years ago they were able to break in to the tower house Ostraž because of betrayal of the cook and sadly killed with a knife owner Severin Schweitzer.

by Johann Weikhard von Valvasor 1679.


Litography of tower house Ostraž made in 1679 by Johann Weikhard von Valvasor.

Mansion Ostraž


45°48’3,94″ N 15°18’46,55″ E


Johann Weikhard von Valvasor, The Glory of the Duchy of Carniola 1689.

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