Chapel of God’s foot

Chapel of God’s foot

In 2013, I visited a location on the Holy Mountain in municipality Bistrica ob Sotli in order to check in what state the supposedly unregistered old Slavic sanctuary is. I found in an old article from the year 1931 where it said that under the foot-like stone there is a water spring which has healing powers. This reminded me to similar sites in Slovenia where old Slavic sanctuarys were confirmed and also had stone foot-like water springs. Above the spring stands a chapel of God´s foot. But I was  disappointed at the location. This is because the location of the sanctuary is ruined and processed into the water catchment area, and whatever was there was now destroyed. Chapel is also ruined, and its remains lie still on the ground today. In the immediate vicinity they set up a new modern chapel. Some stones that lie on the ground from ruined chapel look roman in origin.


Chapel before it`s destruction in the 1931, its remains and new chapel in 2013.


+site: Ilustrirani Slovenec

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